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If you’ve recently inherited a probate property, you are likely dealing with an overwhelming sense of loss, stress, and legal confusion. You know that the smartest thing to do is to hire an expert real estate agent with probate experience, but the letters you’re receiving from realtors trying to sell you their services all sound like generic copy-and-paste templates of a sales pitch.


It would help if you had a seasoned probate agent that will work with your probate attorney to guide you through the tidal wave of paperwork and legal proceedings that come with inheriting an estate. But how do you know which realtors you can trust?


Here are some essential questions you need to ask that will set apart competent probate real estate agents from those with no probate experience. 


“Have you ever sold probate real estate before? How is it different from selling traditional properties?”


A skilled probate realtor will have the answers to these questions right off the bat. Many things set probate sales apart from the sale of a traditional property. For instance, did you know it is illegal to clean, sell, or discard anything in the decedent’s home before an executor is named? A probate realtor is aware of all the rules involved and will keep you informed about what you need to do.


“How many years have you been selling probate properties?” 

Be specific when asking questions. If they answer “yes” to having prior probate experience, ask them how long they have been doing it. In California, there are many complicated probate procedures with laws that differ from those in other states, and it takes an agent who knows all the ins and outs to ensure a smooth transition between the different legal stages. Don’t make the mistake of hiring someone inexperienced.


“Is probate the main focus of your realty business?” 

When you’re relying on a real estate agent to help you through select contracts and probate regulations specific to your area, it will be comforting to know that probate real estate is what they do for a living. If an agent lacks proper probate experience, it can cost you extra time and money that is better spent with your loved ones during this difficult time.


  “Are you a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist?” 

     While probate realtors don’t necessarily need  to have this certification to be skilled at selling probate properties, it can help to know that a probate agent has gone through a formal certification process.


“May I see a list of references?”

You want to hire a trustworthy probate realtor. To ensure the probate real estate agent is right for you, look at the attorneys or executors they have helped in the past. If you have any concerns about hiring that particular probate realtor, looking at references can help confirm that they are honest and have experience assisting people to sell probate properties.


Lastly, it is essential that a probate realtor is someone who makes you feel comfortable. Do you feel confident that they would be willing to move mountains to work with and for you? An excellent probate realtor has your best interests in mind and will go above and beyond for you and your loved ones.


Our team at Josh V reality has over 100 combined years of experience selling probate property with dedication and efficiency. However difficult the case may be, you can rest assured that we’ve seen it all. Contact us today for a free consultation. You’ll be glad you did.