How to Sell a Deceased Parents’ Property?

It is essential to know your options if you are inheriting property in Los Angeles, California. If the deceased was a resident of California, there are two main paths for distributing their assets: probate or non-probate. Probate is when there is no will where the heir has to petition the court to become appointed executor or administrator of the estate. Non-probate is when you can distribute assets without having to go through probate proceedings with some exceptions. One example would be that you cannot sell real estate without going through probates unless it is expressly excluded in a will or trust agreement. If the property is bound by probate, then as the executor of your parent’s estate, it is essential to know your responsibilities.

The process of selling a deceased parents’ property can be complicated and very time-consuming. The following blog post will outline some of the steps you need to know about selling a deceased parent’s house in Los Angeles, California.

Consider whether or not to use a professional.

With everything else that needs to be taken care of after a loved one passes, you could decide to add ALL the probate tasks required on your own.  Consulting with Probate Attorney is highly recommended to get qualified legal advice before proceeding with any action related to selling a deceased parents’ property, such as appointing someone as personal representative or executor.

Research comparable properties in your area and set a competitive price.

You could reach out to an Appraiser who knows about comparable sales and is willing to research for you on properties that might be comparable if necessary. Appraisers use special tools to determine what the market will bear in the pricing of your property. But wouldn’t it be nice if you could go to one source capable of managing the entire probate process from beginning to end?

Determine the value of your parents’ probate home.

Trying to determine the value of your parents’ probate home in Los Angeles, California, may be more challenging than you think. If you are inheriting a probate property and want to know its fair market value? A probate real estate specialist in Los Angeles knows how to use the information about the property to determine the overall worth of an estate. This information can help you make better decisions about whether or not to keep the property, sell it or rent out.


Make sure that all information about the house is accurate and up-to-date before putting it on the market.

Make sure all information is accurate.

All information about the house you’re selling must be accurate and up-to-date before listing it. Here are a few things to remember:   – Update any documents tied to the property.  – Record any changes in utilities or other services at the house to assure they don’t interrupt service.  -Ensure there isn’t anything illegal in the yards, such as graffiti on walls or drug paraphernalia around. It will cost more to fix these problems later than upfront when listing the property for sale.

“It’s important to do this because if there are any discrepancies between how the property is represented and what comes out when it goes on sale, then someone can sue for misrepresentation. It’s always better to prevent lawsuits than have them filed against you!”


Knowing what responsibilities come with that is essential if you’re the executor of your parent’s estate. Make sure all debts and taxes are paid before selling off any property – if you decide not to sell the property, there may still be other options available such as renting out a room or space in the house. Of course, you could decide to take on all these responsibilities on your own. However, an experienced Probate Real Estate Agent is more than qualified to help you find the right attorney, appraiser, estate sales company, contractors, financing, etcetera. A probate real estate agent is also well-versed in what probate attorneys need and helps save on costs in most cases. Contact Josh V Realty for more information on how we can help you reach your goal! You’ll be glad you did!
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