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Welcome to JoshV TV ! – All Things Los Angeles Real Estate 2019

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Welcome to Josh V TV , Your Go to for all things Los Angeles Real Estate. We focus on topics Including : How To Sell Your Home In Los Angeles, How To Buy A Home In Los Angeles, Foreclosure Avoidance , Probate Process , First time buying a home in los Angeles, How To Price Your Home and Much More. 

Real Estate For Dummies – Josh V TV – 411 On Los Angeles Real Estate

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The 9 Terms you must know to buy or sell a home in Los Angeles.

Escrow, Equity, Loan to Value, Earnest Money Deposit, Appraisal, Contingency, Debt to Income, Points, Closing Costs

How To Buy A House In Los Angeles 2019 – Josh V TV Explains 6 Crucial Steps To Follow

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How to Buy a Home In Los Angeles

This video explains 6 important steps to follow when you are looking to buy a home in the Los Angeles Area.

Make a Decision, Knowing your Credit Score, Determine your Down Payment, Get Pre-Approved by a Lender or Broker, Hire a Realtor, Submit and Offer , Negotiate and Close Escrow

How To Avoid Foreclosure – Josh V TV Explains 4 Options


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How To Avoid Foreclosure On Your Los Angeles Home

This video explains 4 important options you should know about, if you are in the Los Angeles area, and about to go into foreclosure.

Reinstatement, Loan Modification, Bankruptcy, Standard Sale or Short Sale

My Parents Passed Away, What Happens To Their Home?

My Parents Passed Away, What Happens To Their Home?

Firstly, our team at Josh V Realty would like to offer our deepest condolences to you and your family. This can be a very stressful and difficult time for many people. Rest assured that our team is ready to help you during this time, and we are here to answer all of...

Selling property by a probate realtor!

Selling property by a probate realtor!

 Need to sell a property in probate?  Josh V is a probate realtor in Los Angeles who has a team ready to answer all of your questions. Have you inherited a property currently in probate and need to sell it? Are you unsure of the process and how to handle it? A probate...

Los Angeles Probate 411- How To Sell Probate Real Estate

Los Angeles Probate 411- How To Sell Probate Real Estate

The Process Of How To Sell A Probate Property   You may have encountered, or will eventually be in a situation where you have to carry out the responsibility of selling a probate property. This process can be overwhelming, yet, with the right Probate Realtor in...

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