How Contacting A Probate Realtor First Can Save You Time And Money Los Angeles Probate Insights

How Contacting A Probate Realtor First Can Save You Time And Money Los Angeles Probate Insights

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When you lose a loved one, it is a challenging time. The estate must go through a legal process called probate. During this lengthy legal process, assets are inventoried, valued, and distributed to their heirs. The probate process can be time sensitive, and getting in touch with an expert is essential sooner than later. Although it can be overwhelming, contacting a probate realtor with experience dealing with the complexities of the probate process in California can help you save time and money. This blog post will discuss some benefits of working with an experienced probate real estate professional.

#1 A Probate Expert Is Familiar With The Timelines and Court Documents Required To Proceed

Probate can be a complex process, and if you are not familiar with the timelines and court documents required, it can be easy to make a mistake that could delay the sale of the property by several months and cost you unnecessarily lots of money. Probate real estate specialists have a deep understanding of the process and can help ensure that the following is done correctly and in a timely manner:

  • Filing a petition for probate
  • Going to your initial probate court hearing
  • Clearing any potential probate notes to get your probate petition approved
  • Notifying the probate court judge of the status of your administration and deadlines
  • Closing probate
How Contacting A Probate Realtor First Can Save You Time And Money Los Angeles Probate Insights

#2 Avoid Costly Mistakes

There are many moving parts involved with the probate process. Experienced Probate Realtors will usually offer free information. Because Realtors earn a commission, they can share what they know without billing for the time invested. Lawyers often will charge a consultation fee upwards of $600. An experienced probate realtor can also help you save money by negotiating with creditors on your behalf. If the estate owes outstanding debts, the probate realtor can work with the creditors to get a pay-off amount lower than the owed. An experienced realtor like Josh V has a network of professionals, including Trust & Estate attorneys, estate sales companies, appraisers, investors, and contractors. Access to these resources can save your family time, money, and additional stress through some of the most burdensome tasks while going through an already trying and stressful time in your life.

#3 A Probate Real Estate Agent Can Help You Understand Your Options

The next reason why working with an experienced probate real estate agent first is recommended is that they can empower you with options that best suit your needs. The more complex or contested the estate is, the more time it will take to settle and distribute the assets. There are three main reasons why probate may be essential for a beneficiary.

  • They want to receive their inheritance. Probate is the method by which heirs inherit the property.
  • They want to sell the property. Before Probate, heirs cannot sell the house without a clear title.
  • They want to borrow money from a bank. Before Probate, no bank will lend against the house.

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