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 Need to sell a property in probate? 

Josh V is a probate realtor in Los Angeles who has a team ready to answer all of your questions. Have you inherited a property currently in probate and need to sell it? Are you unsure of the process and how to handle it? A probate sale requires knowledge of the process. Here are some steps involved…


  • Court appointment of the executor or administrator of the estate

    The executor or administrator is the person who has the authority to sell the property, either named in the decedent’s will or appointed by the court. A probate realtor could help you with this.

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  • Property appraisal

    Our team at Josh V Realty will refer you to a trusted appraiser. The appraisal will then be used by the executor to set a list price for the property with the assistance of our experienced probate realtor. The property must sell for at least 90% of the appraised value. 

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  • Marketing the property

    The property will be aggressively marketed by one of our experienced real estate agents to obtain the highest and best price and terms. Once an acceptable buyer is found, we will work with you and the court, to negotiate acceptable terms. 

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  • Notification to all the heirs

    All heirs are notified of the accepted offer through a Notice of Proposed Action. If an heir objects to the offer, further court confirmation is required to execute the sale.

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  • Court confirmation and over-bidding

    When court confirmation is required, a potential buyer may over-bid the accepted offer. Upon final court confirmation and execution of the sale, escrow is open and the transaction can proceed to close.

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For assistance on how to sell your probate property, please reach out to our team at Josh V. Realty.