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When you lose a loved one, the last thing you want to do is “sign here and here” and take on a massive to-do list of legal responsibilities. 

We know you must be tired, grieving, and overwhelmed by this tremendous change in your life.

And we want to help.

You deserve a support system that goes above and beyond to not only meet your needs but understand the painful situation you’re going through. Someone who will answer all your questions and be there for you.

Our goal is to be this support system and board of experts. Not only will we be there for you in every way, but we also have the professional and personal knowledge to make a difference. 

How We Can Help You

Our list of services isn’t cookie-cutter because we know no two cases are alike. We are here to adapt to your needs and help you — an individual with a unique situation.

Here’s a glimpse at the support and services our Josh V Realty team can offer you and your family during this time:

Listing and Selling Your Probate Property

Selling your probate property is a great route to go, but if you aren’t a real estate professional, marketing, appraising, and selling the property is a whole other list to-do list on top of everything else. 

If you team up with us, we can work to sell your probate property quickly at or above the asking price. 

As you know, real estate agents have connections. We have access to vendors including estate sales, housekeepers, landscapers, haulers, and more to make your property attractive to buyers.

We can also advise title opinions on difficult or challenging real estate matters.

Unlimited Calls with Updates

Our dedicated team is here to help you when you need it! We are just a phone call, email, or text away. 

We know probate can be a confusing and overwhelming process, and there are going to be times when you want answers, fast. We are here to lift your burden and answer your questions. 

Probate Concierge 

We adapt to you, your situation, and the current situation in the world.

We have the ability to record documents electronically when counties are closed.

We can provide attorneys with online access to property transaction histories. We also have online access to copies of recorded documents.

We will adapt for you and handle whatever’s thrown at us.

5-Point Check

I’ve found many cases have some kind of title problem. To help, we do a 5-point check to ensure there are no issues with that. We’ve seen many issues in the past, so we like to be preventative and look out for that now.

If you’re in LA, I’ll go knock on your door and meet you face to face, if you’re comfortable. I introduce myself, because we believe you deserve a personal approach.

For my out-of-state clients, I know your biggest concern is the property itself. So how can I make you feel comfortable and safe? I’ll visit your property and take pictures of it. I’ll pop in once in a while and let you know how your property is doing.

Expert Knowledge 

Our team of experts understands the probate property sale procedure and how to approach it cost-effectively

Our promise is to guide you every step of the way. With over 100 years of combined experience, we have the complete knowledge and understanding of probate you need to be properly guided.

Empathetic Approach

We understand your situation. We will be there to answer your calls, your questions, and be your expert support system. 

You aren’t alone in this. Call or text me at (213) 465-0936. Let us show you how we can offer you some peace of mind. 

Talk with you soon,

Josh V

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