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Probate Frequently Asked Questions

Probate Frequently Asked Questions

What is Probate?

Probate is a court-administered process of distributing a deceased person’s (decedent’s) estate/assets according to their will if one exists or, if there is no will, to the person’s immediate spouse/children/siblings/relatives.

How Long Does A Typical Probate Real Estate Sale Take?

The Probate process generally takes approximately nine to twelve months to complete.

Probate is the only way to transfer real property from the deceased person to the heirs in the event that no trust was set up prior to the decedent’s death.

When May The Personal Representative Sell Estate Property?

An Estate property may be sold by the personal representative when:


  • The sale is necessary to pay debts, devises (gifts to persons named in the will), a family allowance, expenses of estate administration, or taxes;
  • The sale is to the advantage of the estate and in the best interests of the interested persons;
  • The property must be sold according to the terms of the will; or
  • Authority is given in the will to sell the property.

(Cal. Prob. Code § 10000.)A decedent’s will may designate the manner in which estate real property is to be sold or identify the particular property to be sold. Absent a court order based upon the best interests of the interested parties to the contrary, the personal representative shall comply with the decedent’s instructions. If the will is silent on these matters or there is no will, the personal representative may select the method of sale and the particular property to be sold.Estate real property may be sold by private sale, public auction, or a different method specified in the will of the decedent (Cal. Prob. Code §§ 10000.3, 10303). A private sale is one in which bids or offers are independently solicited, while a sale by public auction invites concurrent competitive bidding.

Is There A Minimum Price For Which Estate Real Property Must Be Sold?

Generally, yes.  Without full authority under IAEA, the minimum offer price for a private sale of real property must be at least 90 percent of the appraised value of the property (Cal. Prob. Code § 10309(a)(3)).  The appraisal must have been made within one year prior to the date of the confirmation hearing (Cal. Prob. Code § 10309(a)(2)).

What is a probate sale, and why do I need a probate realtor in Alameda County?

A probate sale refers to the court-supervised process of selling a property owned by a deceased person. As a probate realtor in San Joaquin County, I specialize in navigating the complex legal and financial aspects of these transactions. My expertise ensures a smooth probate sale, maximizing the property’s value while adhering to all necessary regulations.

How does selling a probate home differ from a traditional sale?

Selling a probate home involves additional legal requirements and court oversight compared to a traditional sale. As an experienced probate realtor, I can guide you through the process, handling tasks such as obtaining court confirmations, working with probate referees, and ensuring compliance with all applicable laws.

What is the role of a probate referee, and why is it important?

A probate referee is a state-appointed professional responsible for appraising the value of the property in a probate sale. Their impartial valuation is crucial in determining the minimum sale price and ensuring a fair transaction. As your probate realtor, I collaborate closely with the probate referee to protect your interests.

How can a probate real estate agent help me sell my inherited property?

As a probate real estate agent, I have extensive knowledge of the legal and financial intricacies involved in selling an inherited property. I can assist you with tasks such as obtaining necessary court approvals, coordinating with attorneys and executors, and marketing the property effectively to potential buyers.

What are the steps involved in how to sell a probate home in Alameda County?

Selling a probate home in Alameda County typically involves the following steps: initiating the probate process, obtaining court approval, working with a probate referee for property valuation, marketing the property, reviewing offers, obtaining court confirmation for the sale, and finalizing the transaction. As your probate realtor, I will guide you through each step, ensuring compliance and protecting your interests.

How can I ensure a smooth and successful probate sale in Alameda County?

To ensure a smooth and successful probate sale in Alameda County, it is crucial to work with an experienced probate realtor like myself. I have in-depth knowledge of local market conditions, legal requirements, and the probate process. By entrusting me with your probate sale, you can have peace of mind knowing that your best interests are being represented, and the transaction will be handled efficiently and professionally.

If you’re facing the process of selling a probate home in Alameda County, don’t navigate the complexities alone. Contact me today to discuss your specific situation and learn how I can help you achieve a successful and stress-free probate sale.

Disclaimer: The information provided herein is for general informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. For advice on your specific legal situation, please consult with a qualified attorney who can provide guidance tailored to your individual circumstances

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