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When going through the probate process, it can be very easy to make a mistake. 

Especially if you’re going through it alone. 

Probate mistakes can add much more than stress during this already trying time. They can also double the length of the process that we’re sure you already want to be done with. 

The good news is: These mistakes are preventable.

That’s why my team at Josh V Realty are here. We want to give you the right tools to prevent these mistakes from happening in the first place.

To do that, we want to share 7 of the most common mistakes we’ve seen with probate — and how you can avoid them.

7 Most Common Mistakes in Probate

1. Not Hiring an Attorney

Even if you think you know what you’re doing, you can still miss something if you don’t have expert help. 

There are so many technicalities within the probate process. Don’t add juggling legal issues to your to-do list. 

The bigger and more qualified your support team, the smoother this experience can go.

2. Hiring an Inexperienced Real Estate Agent

We cannot stress this one enough. Not every real estate agent has probate experience, and attorneys don’t know everything about the real estate side of things. 

Investing in an agent with little to no experience can not only be stressful, but also a waste of your time and money.
Make sure you hire a probate real estate specialist. Anyone can say they’re one, so be sure you speak with them about their experience and credentials first. 

3. Leaving Property Unattended

The property is often your loved one’s most valuable asset, so make sure it’s taken care of. Leaving it behind can lead to vandalism, damage, and other problems.

4. Not Cleaning Out the Property

To go along with that, it’s important to carefully clean out the property. Once the personal representative is court-approved, you can get started.

This helps your real estate agent list and show the property

5. Not Keeping Track of Assets

Within four months of being the personal representative in the state of California, you must send an inventory and appraisal of the estate’s assets to the court.

Keep a correct, dated, and detailed record of all the estate’s financial transactions. Losing track can result in delays and sometimes serious legal problems.

6. Waiting to Find a Probate Realtor

The sooner you can get help, the better. A probate real estate agent can help you assess value, get a head start, and receive helpful resources.

7. Putting Things Off

This encompasses it all. There are so many responsibilities and processes in probate. And we know you want it done ASAP. 

If you push things off, the process can get drawn out, keeping you from family and your everyday life.

What are the legal repercussions of making these mistakes with probate?

It’s going to take you twice as long. That’s it. 

If it’s not done right, the court can postpone your hearing to a much later date. You may also have to fix any mistakes that the court addresses and come back to another hearing at a later date. 

How to Avoid Making These Mistakes

Knowledge is power. You have the upper hand now. It’s within your ability to choose a professional who’s right for you.

You don’t have to face this all alone. Let our team at Josh V help. 

We have the experience to guide you and the understanding to be there for you through this difficult time in your life.

Text or call me at (213) 465-0936, and we’ll help you avoid these mistakes.

Talk to you soon,

Josh V

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